#1 | Jim Lark – “Libertarian v. libertarian”

My guest this week is James W. Lark III, although his wikipedia is presumptuous enough to call him Jim. Jim Lark is a decorated professor at the University of Virginia in the Applied Mathematics Program, Engineering and Society, Engineering Systems and Environment, and Department of Statistics. He is a former chairman of the Libertarian Party and the current Region 5 representative on the Libertarian National Committee. When he’s not instructing students on his native Virginia campus he spends his time giving talks on campuses internationally for the organization Students for Liberty. In 2018 he was inducted in the Hall of Liberty, the Libertarian Party’s equivalent of a lifetime achievement award.

I first met Jim at a self-described Libertarian Salon in Crozet, Virginia. I knew very little about the Libertarian Party outside of the various clips I had seen of Gary Johnson from the 2016 Presidential Election and wanted to gain a better understanding of Libertarian philosophy and goals. Jim agreed to meet me in his office at the University of Virginia to tell the story of how he found Libertarianism and what it means to him.