#9 | Taj LeBlanc – “The Matrix of Income”

My guest this week is Taj LeBlanc, a creator living in Los Angeles. Today we are talking about the recent changes in the American and partially the global economy in response to the Pandemic and the enforced Quarantine. We originally sat down and aimed to structure this podcast episode about the opportunities that come with large…More

#8 | Paige Speight – “Forced Friendships”

My guest this week is Paige Speight, an artist from Bar Harbor, Maine. A true Renaissance Woman, she has a history in collegiate-level boat racing, a Chemistry degree from Bowdoin College, and grew up running a motel with her family. When she isn’t hiking the Appalachian Trail, she spends most of her waking hours creating art pieces…More

#7 | Jason Elliott – “That Is Not Alternative to Me”

My guest this week is Jason Elliott. Jason is the host of the self-titled Jason Elliott Show, currently being aired on Facebook Live. He provides members of the community with a safe and fun space to tell stories and discuss personal matters that bring people together. When he’s not hosting JES he models, coaches pageants, and gets…More

#6 | Taj LeBlanc – “Homeless Playing the Flute”

My guest this week is Taj LeBlanc. Taj is a Creator living in Los Angeles, California – but he didn’t start there. He has been raised in many communities on both coastlines and even in Hawai’i. He’s a graduate of the Questrom School of Business at Boston University and has done everything from Real Estate Leasing to Bike…More

#5 | Doug Hornig – “We Pretend to Work, They Pretend to Pay Us”

My guest this week is Doug Hornig. Doug is a professional writer who first gained major attention in fiction writing for his series of mystery thrillers in the 80s and 90s. Outside of fiction he has ghost-authored a selection of best-selling memoirs and worked for many years as a columnist for financial newsletters. He is a lifelong…More

#4 | Matisse Tsoy – “More Than Just the Meat”

My guest this week is Matisse Tsoy, a music producer and hip hop artist local to Charlottesville, VA. I first met him on a music video shoot for a hip hop track that he had written and recorded called Old Man – SPOILER: I am also in this music video and I get cake on my face. We…More

#3 | Elizabeth Mead – “Gentrification Sweet Spot”

Liz Mead is a second generation rug merchant based out of Charlottesville VA working to modernize her family business while still holding on the old school magic of antique carpets. We sat down today to talk about networking creatives, small town development, and whole lot about rugs. Check out her projects with local artists on…More

#2 | Alden Goodwin – “Space, Rocks, and Game Theory”

My guest this week is Alden Goodwin, a geologist and science communicator from rural Virginia. We got to sit down for an hour and discuss everything from the Infinite Game Theory of Politics to O’Neill Cylinders. Alden is a friend of mine who also grew up in the hippie subculture of Nelson County, and is probably…More

#1 | Jim Lark – “Libertarian v. libertarian”

My guest this week is James W. Lark III, although his wikipedia is presumptuous enough to call him Jim. Jim Lark is a decorated professor at the University of Virginia in the Applied Mathematics Program, Engineering and Society, Engineering Systems and Environment, and Department of Statistics. He is a former chairman of the Libertarian Party and the current Region 5 representative…More